An Empty Monday

There’s really nothing to report this morning. I’m 19 days into this insanity called National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) and Rooted in Surrender! is going as expected.

Or should I say unexpected?

Yep, my characters have surprised me. A couple of them moved away. One is falling in love. One is still spiraling out of control, but in slow motion. I’m not writing as quickly as I thought I would either.

It’s Monday and this blog space looks empty. I have nothing to fill it with. I intended to share testimonies but haven’t gotten any in a while. I intended to share excerpts from the memoir available here:  but sales have ground to a halt and it’s too discouraging. (if link doesn’t work, you can paste it into your browser)

It’s Thanksgiving. Enjoy your families. I’ll be visiting my brother’s best friend and his wife. I can’t wait.


Sharing my story

It’s been out about 3 weeks and though sales are slow I am pleased with them. God calls us to tell our story, not necessarily to sell our story. I have proclaimed God’s Grace and Mercy to a small audience, nevertheless, an audience.

My story is not all that different from some of yours. Okay, maybe that 5 of the most significant events of my life happened on Monday’s is odd but the story itself is life’s water drops, from crystal clear to muddy and everything in between. I have no credentials or fame that will draw the masses. Still I wrote it, hoping it would help others on their journey. I wrote it because I felt alone on my own journey. I wrote it because I felt I had to.

If you’re looking for hope, I believe you’ll find it in Then Monday Came: The Party’s Over but The Celebration Has Just Begun. As for the subtitle: Paul’s Home celebrating with his Redeemer.


Well the interior of Then Monday Came: The Party’s Over But The Celebration Has Just Begun is finished. I am just waiting for my cousin to do her magic on the photos I want to use on the front and back cover.  Meanwhile I’ve been working on the novel based on people in my life but with the situations changed up quite a bit. Paul’s character is a bit more spiritual than I remember him being but is an aspiring artist.  It’s fun writing fiction. I can change what I want and leave in the fun memories.

That being said, it wasn’t that writing the memoir wasn’t enjoyable. It was hard to face the truth, yes but it brings me hope to think our story can help others.  Then again maybe it just helped me. I don’t think that’s true. I think it is meant for others to read. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble of self-publishing. I had to learn a thing or two about formatting, while avoiding going bald. Yes, it was stressful and at times I thought I’d pull my hair out.

So keep watching this space. I hope to have a pic of me and the book here soon along with ordering info.

Up In Chicago

Inspiration for worship is like a pebble on a dirt path near a pond.  Someone kicks this little stone down the path as long as he can.  The final kick lands the pebble off the beaten path near the shore of the pond.  Later someone comes down to the shore and starts looking for flat stones to skip across the surface.  At the narrowest part of the pond a good stone can skip to the other shore.  Skipping stones gets boring so the person starts tossing pebbles into the water.  They have a different sound, a different effect.  They make ripples, circles that embrace the pebble and each other.  Some pebbles encourage more ripples than others.  Then that one special little rock is tossed into the pond.  It hits the center, the deepest part of the pond.  Its ripples are many and they reach the shore.  You find yourself stepping out, each ripple encouraging you as you come closer to the source.  And so it is that you walk with Jesus to the heart of God.

I have always admired worship leaders as they strive to put together packages that lead us progressively into worship.  We had such a man in our church.  He was a talented and gifted singer who was filling in until we could fill the position.  It was sad to see Eric go but on the upside he joined the Crimson River Quartet so when he came to visit he brought three other talented friends with him.  When they came in December of 1998 they performed their most requested song, Up In Chicago. I still cry when I hear it.  Don’t worry they’re tears of joy and gratitude to God because one Monday morning He came and took my homeless brother out of a hospital off Main street.  And it is with extreme gratitude that I say He did it before the storm system El Nino hit, causing the worst flooding in these parts in years. I used to think of homelessness as being as simple as not having a home but in my brother’s case he didn’t deserve the home he did have. That is what’s so great about God. In His infinite Grace and Mercy He provides what we do not deserve, including a beautiful new Home with Him someday.

This youtube video is from 1996 before Eric joined the group.


Then Monday Came–poem

Although born on a Friday

Your life was full of Mondays

The first Monday was my birth

It started a sibling jealousy

That created irrationalities

I’m sorry dear brother

I didn’t mean to

Things mellowed by adolescence

You chose to mellow out more

Just a few beers with the guys

But another Monday came

May 10, 1982—the day daddy died

The last day you were sober

   (except for that six weeks in rehab)

You danced with the devil for 15 years

I had four short days to teach you a new step

To teach you everything I knew about





Four short visits to show you God

That last visit I sang songs

Songs God knew and loved

Songs I’d hope would comfort you

Songs I’d hope you’d hear

God heard and He came

He cut in on the devil who fled

The next morning God walked you home

It was Monday

And I’m not sorry it came

I lost you long ago

This Monday was about deliverance

We were both delivered from alcoholism

You are once again a brother

I’m no longer an alcoholic’s sister

Yes dear brother the life you chose killed you

But the God you chose redeemed your soul

See ya on the flip side

September 22, 1998

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