Yahweh Jireh

That’s what her status update said but I didn’t notice it when I was scrolling through this morning. It was after I’d gotten through to my last update, thus seeing everything new, and was scrolling back to the top that I saw it. Isn’t that the way it is sometimes?

We can’t see things until we look back.

And we can’t look back and see the purpose in the pain until we are some distance from it. I don’t know, maybe there is no purpose in the pain of having an alcoholic brother, but I did gain insight after that season was over. If there was any purpose it was to see beyond the label and know that within each addict is a person: a son, a brother, a friend. Sometimes I project too much onto that man behind the cart rattling down the street and think of how his mother’s heart must be breaking.

I don’t know if he has a mother or a father but I do know there is a God who is Father to the fatherless. He sees each one of us.  He gave Himself the name El Roi, the God who sees me and Yahweh Jireh has a similar meaning. It means God provides but can be more accurately translated to the God who sees ahead of me. He knows what’s coming and provides what we need.

Strength for the next step.

Strength to let go, remembering the battle belongs to the Lord.

Strength to look back at the painful places.

Strength to reach into the mess and pull out the message.

Yahweh Jireh, God provides:


Yahweh Jireh, God provides:

(you fill in the blank)


info on translation from http://www.hespeaksinthesilence.com/2011/05/yahweh-yireh-the-lord-will-provide/


Celebrate Recovery

Steve giving his testimony at the Everyday Church during the Celebrate Recovery meeting

Last Monday (August 12) every status update he posted made me smile.

“The only way I can describe how I feel today to be clean and sober today is by the tears of joy running down my face! Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood for me!”

I confirmed the time for that Friday night’s Celebrate Recovery meeting and made plans to attend. Steve is my brother in Christ and a brother I wouldn’t even know without Christ. I’m going to sit down and get his testimony one of these days but it all started in a sheriff’s station.

“2yrs ago today sitting in Pico sheriff’s station looking at a prison sentence. God said here is another option .inside out men’s home. A Christ centered recovery home.”

Or so it would appear. You see Steve had something in common with my brother (besides addiction); a family member who prayed. Paul had Mom and Steve had his brother. I knew his brother and when he asked for prayer, I prayed. And I continue to pray. Sobriety is not something to be taken for granted. So it didn’t start in a sherif’s station but in a prayer closet, a church pew, a cluster group of fellow believers. 

“One very important thing I could not have done this on my own I had and have to ask God to give me the strength to stay clean and sober. Today I have no desire to use I give God all the glory!”

But it was a long road for Steve to get to last Monday.

“30 yrs of addictive behavior. The first 5 all fun and games. I set up my self-induced torch, believing the lie that I wasn’t good enough to b happy or to b loved. Destroying relationships because I didn’t think I was good enough, using the if only’s as an excuse.

Worthless !

Accepting that Jesus died on the cross for my sins allowed me to forgive my self. Giving me a new life.


I enjoyed his Monday status updates and hearing him share Friday night.  This was his update after the meeting.

“The most amazing thing about recovery is being there.
praise God! Thank you Jesus!”

For me, the most amazing thing about recovery is witnessing it. Praising God from Whom the blessing of redemption flows.


A Book Inspired By Happier Times

They had another man graduate from the Inside Out Men’s Home yesterday. I’m not using this space to talk about that though. You see in the future I plan to have the Men’s Home in the plot of one of my novels. It’ll be in the third novel and so far I’ve had the first one published. Read the lovely review here. http://livingwithfibroblog.com/2013/08/12/book-review-night-blooming-jasmine/#comment-16185 It’s almost pure fiction but my family did inspire the characters and I did throw some facts in just to keep it real.

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