Homelessness and Social Media

I’m not sure why I did it really. It was just another story brought to me by the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Facebook page. (In fact I’m surprised I dare to keep the OCRM page around. It’s emotionally dangerous for me—check the archives for A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Tears.) Regardless, there was this story about a local man who was out there street witnessing and helping the homeless¬†while he himself is homeless, so I liked his page. We are now “friends” at least virtually. I’ve liked his posts and he’s liked mine. We’ve commented and even chatted.

And one day I wondered …

What if Paul could’ve shared his life via social media? I entertained the idea that people would’ve cared about his safety. It was brief. My brother didn’t have it together enough to hold onto his possessions. He didn’t work, not even odd jobs. I don’t know of a couch that would’ve welcomed him for a occassional refuge from the streets as it does my new friend. My new friend and brother are two very different people. They share a name—his first is my brother’s middle and have birthdays a day apart but that is where the comparison ends. Almost. See, I am praying for Steve now as I did for Paul then because they both matter to God. Their lives, not their differences matter but the ways in which they differed are worth mentioning.¬†Stevie’s life is devoted to God. Paul’s was devoured by alcohol and drugs.

One devoted.

One devoured.

Both children of God.


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