An Empty Monday

There’s really nothing to report this morning. I’m 19 days into this insanity called National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) and Rooted in Surrender! is going as expected.

Or should I say unexpected?

Yep, my characters have surprised me. A couple of them moved away. One is falling in love. One is still spiraling out of control, but in slow motion. I’m not writing as quickly as I thought I would either.

It’s Monday and this blog space looks empty. I have nothing to fill it with. I intended to share testimonies but haven’t gotten any in a while. I intended to share excerpts from the memoir available here:  but sales have ground to a halt and it’s too discouraging. (if link doesn’t work, you can paste it into your browser)

It’s Thanksgiving. Enjoy your families. I’ll be visiting my brother’s best friend and his wife. I can’t wait.


Pick a Chair: AA or Celebrate Recovery?

(repost from Sober Boots)

Pick a Chair: AA or Celebrate Recovery?.

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