Writing About Redemption

It’s a lovely Monday morning here. I spent the weekend going through the drafts of my first 2 novels to get ready for the third. This Thursday begins National Novel Writing Month and I am going to begin to write Rooted In Surrender!, a novel partially set in a sober living home and reality. Once again I am mixing fact with fiction to create a story and to be honest I’ve got mixed emotions. The main character in this book will be the one I created that is based on my brother. Part of me wants to fix everything and create a happily ever after ending.

But I know I cannot.

I am called to write about redemption and its rough road. I am called to speak truth even in fiction. And, being that it’s a novel, I shall be dramatizing. I belong to a church with a sober living men’s home and have witnessed changed lives for almost 3 years now. I’ve also seen men leave the program before their year is up. I must speak to that. I must decide how much “Roger” will endure before finding himself on its doorstep. I must decide whether “Rae” will write him off or not. I know “Rae” pretty well. I think she’ll be upset and angry but in the end she won’t let her big brother down.

It would hurt too much if she did.

Lots of decisions to be made before the writing even begins. Then, being that my books are character driven, who knows what will happen? “Roger” surprised me in book 2 so we’ll see. I know the novel will not be the story of our life, it’s not meant to be. And I’m pretty sure it will have an alternative ending, rather than a death-bed confession by an alcoholic as his little sister looked on. But, no the series will not be all wrapped up neatly in pretty ribbons and bows.

Redemption rarely is.


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